Rose Netztechnik GmbH

Rose Netztechnik GmbH emerged from the production facility of Walter Rose KG in Darmstadt/Weiterstadt in 1966 and now has over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of telecommunications products and components. We use this experience for the benefit of our customers.

Today, the production focus is on heat-shrinkable products in the form of shrink sleeves in normal and fabric-reinforced versions and shrink tubing. From these we produce various assembly kits for the installation of telecommunications networks. We also supply tools and test equipment for this area, mainly from our own production.

History of Rose Netztechnik GmbH


Foundation of the company Walter Rose KG in Hagen by Mr. Walter Rose


Construction of the Walter Rose GmbH & Co.KG production facility in Darmstadt-Weiterstadt, the Rhein-Main assembly group moves into its new home.


Start of production of telecommunications products in Weiterstadt.


The Weiterstadt plant separates from the parent company in Hagen and becomes an independent company under the name Rose RKM GmbH & Co.KG.


Rose RKM moves into the new production facility in Limburg/Lahn. The focus is on fibre optics technology and the development and manufacture of electronic test equipment.


Expansion of the production areas to include plastic injection moulding technology, so that the vertical range of manufacture reaches almost 100% for some products.


Commissioning of the first lines for the extrusion and expansion of heat-shrinkable tubing.


Rose has maintained a certified quality management system since 1994.


Move into the new production hall for plastic injection moulding and plastic extrusion, foundation of Rose Netztechnik GmbH.

New: Extrusion and expansion of heat-shrinkable sleeves for the production of shrink sleeves and repair sleeves.


Rose Netztechnik and Rose RKM are merged and henceforth operate under the name Rose Netztechnik GmbH.


Relocation of the plastic injection moulding shop to the newly built production hall. Expansion of the production capacity for the manufacture of shrink sleeves and heat-shrinkable repair sleeves.


Establishment of our own stamping shop for the production of all stamped accessory components for our products. This increases the vertical range of manufacture and flexibility.


EVs assembly and test equipment production move into the new production hall built at the site. The administration also moves into the new premises.


Rose expands its manufacturing programme to include the production of fabric-reinforced shrink sleeves and shrink sleeves.


Construction and occupation of the new warehouse with 1,200 sqm of floor space and 945 pallet spaces.