GSMK-P Closure system with reinforced heat shrinkable sleeve and metal canister

Heat shrinkable closure system for inline and branch-off installation on pressurized telecommunication cables. The cable splice is protected by a metal canister which is equipped with a valve for pressure control.


  • High tensile strength during the shrinking process due to the reinforced sleeve material
  • High mechanical strength due to the metal canister
  • Reliable sealing of the splice area against humidity by means of hot melt adhesive
  • Maximum 3 cable outlets/inlets on each side
  • Simple and reliable installation
  • No special tools required
  • Valve for pressure control

Kit contents

  • Reinforced heat shrinkable sleeve
  • Metal canister with valve
  • Splice protection
  • Flexible channel
  • Retention clip
  • Shield continuity assembly
  • Drying agent
  • Aluminium tape
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Abrasive strip
  • Installation instruction

Branch-off kit BRK

  • Branch-off clip
  • Shield continuity assembly for branch-offs
  • Shield continuity clip
  • Aluminium tape



Online order kitDimension (L1)Ø cable max. (D2)Ø cable min. (D3)PriceQuantity
GSMK-P 62/15-3002018062-300BRK13006215115,01 €
GSMK-P 62/15-3502018062-350BRK13506215123,04 €
GSMK-P 62/15-5002018062-500BRK15006215135,66 €
GSMK-P 62/15-6502018062-650BRK15006215148,90 €
GSMK-P 93/30-3002018093-300BRK23009330148,67 €
GSMK-P 93/30-5002018093-500BRK25009330158,54 €
GSMK-P 93/30-6002018093-600BRK26009330158,52 €
GSMK-P 120/35-4002018120-400BRK240012035165,96 €
GSMK-P 120/35-5002018120-500BRK250012035178,17 €
GSMK-P 120/35-6002018120-600BRK260012035181,14 €
GSMK-P 120/35-9002018120-900BRK290012035236,87 €
GSMK-P 160/55-5002018160-500BRK350016055217,80 €
GSMK-P 160/55-7002018160-700BRK370016055236,57 €
GSMK-P 160/55-9002018160-900BRK390016055254,65 €
GSMK-P 200/65-5002018200-500BRK350020065232,69 €
GSMK-P 200/65-7002018200-700BRK370020065265,17 €
GSMK-P 200/65-9002018200-900BRK390020065287,26 €
All dimensions in mm
For branch-off joints please order one branch-off kit per branch-off separately!

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