GSMK Reinforced heat shrinkable closure system with metal canister

Rose Accessories for telecommunications, energy and data networks Reinforced heat shrinkable closure systems for telecommunications cables, mainly used for jointing of high paired cables. The cable splice will be protected by a metal canister.


  • High tensile strength during the shrinking process due to the reinforced sleeve material
  • High mechanical strength due to the metal canister
  • Reliable sealing of the splice area against humidity by means of hot melt adhesive
  • Maximum 3 cable outlets/inlets on each side
  • Simple and reliable installation
  • No special tools required
  • Canister is suitable for filling with grease or resin

Kit contents

  • Reinforced heat shrinkable sleeve
  • Metal canister
  • Splice protection
  • Flexible channel
  • Retention clip
  • Shield continuity assembly
  • Drying agent
  • Aluminium tape
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Abrasive strip
  • Installation instruction

Branch-off kit BRK

  • Branch-off clip
  • Shield continuity assembly for branch-offs
  • Shield continuity clip
  • Aluminium tape



Online order kitDimension (L1)Ø cable max. (D2)Ø cable min. (D3)PriceQuantity
GSMK 43/8-2002017043-200BRK120043845,59 €
GSMK 43/8-3502017043-350BRK135043856,01 €
GSMK 43/8-5002017043-500BRK150043864,65 €
GSMK 75/15-3002017075-300BRK1300751559,00 €
GSMK 75/15-3502017075-350BRK1350751561,38 €
GSMK 75/15-5002017075-500BRK1500751578,06 €
GSMK 75/15-6502017075-650BRK1650751585,21 €
GSMK 93/25-3002017093-300BRK2300932578,66 €
GSMK 93/25-5002017093-500BRK2500932587,30 €
GSMK 93/25-6002017093-600BRK2600932598,92 €
GSMK 120/28-4002017120-400BRK240012028108,45 €
GSMK 120/28-5002017120-500BRK250012028116,20 €
GSMK 120/28-6002017120-600BRK260012028123,69 €
GSMK 160/45-5002017160-500BRK350016045132,29 €
GSMK 160/45-7002017160-700BRK370016045148,08 €
GSMK 200/55-5002017200-500BRK350020055156,28 €
GSMK 200/55-7002017200-700BRK370020055168,93 €
All dimensions in mm.
For branch-off joints please order one branch-off kit per branch-off separately!

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