History of the Rose Netztechnik GmbH

Foundation of the company Walter Rose by Mr. Walter Rose in Hagen.

Construction of the manufacturing facility in Weiterstadt. The assembly & maintenance group of Rhine/Main moves to its new domicile.

Beginning of manufacturing of technical products for telecommunications networks in Weiterstadt.

The manufacturing plant in Weiterstadt separates from Walter Rose Company in Hagen and becomes an independent enterprise. The new company name is Rose RKM

Rose RKM moves to its new manufacturing facility in Limburg a.d. Lahn. New emphases are fiber optic technology and the development and production of electronic testing instruments like the check and test set PTS 93.

Rose beginns with a new manufacturing range : Plastic injection moulding.

Rose starts its first line for production of thermocontractible synthetic materials.

Constuction of the new manufacturing building for the plastic injection moulding and plastic extrusion lines in Limburg. Foundation of Rose Netztechnik

Rose Netztechnik takes on the complete business job of the company group Rose RKM - Rose Netztechnik and continues all business under company name Rose Netztechnik GmbH.

Umzug der Kunstsoffspritzerei in die neu errichtete  Fertigungshalle. Erweiterung der Fertigungskapazität für die Herstellung von Schrumpfmuffen und wärmeschrumpfenden Reparaturmanschetten.

Implementation of a pressing devision for the production of all punched accessory components of our products. Through this we reached a rise of production depth and an increase of flexibility.

The manufacturing of the electronic devices moves into the new building. Also the administartion moves to its new offices.

Rose expands its product range with manufacturing of reinforced heat shrinkable sleevs and closure systems.