MD Heat shrinkable wall feed-through

Product information

Cables or tubes are gas- and watertightly fed through walls by means of the heat shrinkable wall feed-through.


  • Sealing between wall feet through and cable/tube by means of a special adhesive at the inner side of the haet shrinkable ends of the MD
  • Very resistant against aggressive media, e.g. alcaline media in the soil
  • A special coating on the outside of the wall feed through forms a permanent connection with concrete, plaster or cement.
  • 5 sizes for cables/tubes with a diameter from 8 to 106 mm
  • Quick and easy installation without special tools

The inner spiral made of spring steel serves as a support and as a protection against kinking when the protruding ends are bent. Two or more wall feed throughs may be connected with each other if necessary for thicker walls.

Sealing part

When two cables are inserted in the wall feed through size MD 2, the area between the cables is sealed by a part of mastic sealant.

Suitable accessories and spare parts

  • Sealing parts for MD


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