PRINTMARK Marking system for cables and assemblies

Product information

Individual creating of markings and names. Signal effect and coding possibility through different colored plastic strips.


  • Fastening to cables, assemblies and other equipment, durably and certain
  • The markings are interchangeable at any time
  • The marking are protected against dirt, mechanical damage and abrasion
  • The markings are absolutely resistant against ultraviolet radiation

Making of markings
Numbers, letters, special signs and symbols are entered about the keyboard. Script, text alignment, text frameworks and way of pressure also are chosen by keystroke. The choice of the ways of pressure contains normal, grease, outline and shade pressure, unframed, framed or underlined. Also vertical expression and very large font could be made with the computer printer. The entered marking is kept ready in the memory mutiple print out. Markings needed recurringly can be archived in the phrase memory.

Signal effect
Different colored plastic strips make a kind of coding system for the markings. The colors are yellow, green, gray, magenta and orange.

The seal system of the PRINTMARK-system makes it possible any time to exchange the marking without damaging the plastic profile.

Equipment of the computer printer (* variable, depending on manufactures defaults)

  • LCD display with 4 letters
  • Keyboard with 49 buttons
  • 160 portrayable signs
  • 2 built-in fonts, incl. 1 extra big font
  • Font sizes from 2 to 7 mm
  • Printing types: Normal, grease, outline, shade - everything also italic
  • Horizontal and vertical prrint
  • Frame function
  • Automatic mutiple print out up to 9 times
  • Automatic ongoing numbering
  • Phrase memory for up to 300 signs
  • Cut-off function
  • programmable tape feed

Attachment of the marking
The plastic stripes provided with the marking are slid into a transparent plastic profile. This profile (KP2) is fastened to the cable by means of tie wraps. For attaching the marking on assemblies a plastic profile with a self-adhesive backside (KP3) used which is contained in set.

Protection of the marking
The plastic profile protects the marking effectively against mechanical damage, e.g. abrasion or pollution, it is absolutely UV resistant and therefore ensures a durably good readability.

Suitable accessories and spare parts

  • Cable ties
  • PRINTMARK Computer printer
  • PRINTMARK Cub plugs
  • PRINTMARK End pieces
  • PRINTMARK Plastic profile
  • PRINTMARK Plastic strip
  • PRINTMARK Pliers
  • PRINTMARK Power supply
  • PRINTMARK Printing tape cassette


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