KMH Cable-sleeve-holder set

Product information

Cable-sleeve-holders KMH serve the proper storage of cables and sleeves in cross-connecting boxes, cable shafts and cable distribution rooms. The set consits of two cable-sleeve-holders and two cable tie wraps.

How to use

  • Make a free area of approx. 10 cm for the assembly
  • Clean the underground with cloth and/or wire brush when required
  • Warming the underground with the propane gas burner; Underground shall be dry obviously
  • Warming hot melt adhesive area of the KMH with the burner until the hot melt adhesiveis melting
  • Press the KMH on the wall which is before cleaned and warmed. The KMH is fully resilient after short cool down time
  • Assembling the second KMH according to the steps 1-5
  • Fastening the cable or the sleeves after this by means of enclosed cable fasteners


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