KAPG 100 Cable conductor test set

Product information

CAUTION: Deliverable from beginning of March 2023. The KAPG 100 is the successor of the KAPG 80 / 90 and it is compatible with them. The KAPG 100 is used for testing connected and unconnected conductors.


  • Testing for contact, interruption, interchanging and ground fault
  • Speaking connection between the two testers
  • Reach up to 30 km

The KAPG 100 is used for testing connected and unconnected conductors for contact, interruption, interchanging aund ground fault. A speaking connection is given between the two examining places at the same time.

Testing and speaking is possible at a loop resistance up to max. 2000 ohms and allocation with office facilities and/or terminal device examine (e.g. telephone).

The loop resistance without coil-loading corresponds to a line length of:
approx. 7 km at a conductor diameter of 0,4 mm
approx. 16 km at a conductor diameter of 0,6 mm
approx. 30 km at a conductor diameter of 0,8 mm

A capacity of approx. 35 nF/km is considered between the cable conductors.

The KAPG 100 consists essentially of a compact and stable plastic case into which the electronic circuit, the operating device and the connection element are built-in. The speaking set and the test cord are attached to the connection element by colored or with symbols labeled ports.

The battery receptacle is accessible from outside and houses a 9V block battery.

The speaking set has receivers on both sides and a revolving microphone. The connection cord has colored plugs for microphone (red) and listeners (black).

The three-core test cord consists of colored silicone cords with plugs. Two of the three cords serve as a speaking line (a = blue, b = black) and are summarized by means of shrinkable tubes. The third cord is the test line (red).

Attention: For testing you need minimum two KAPG!
A combination of KAPG 80 / 90 and 100 is possible.

Suitable accessories and spare parts

  • Bag for the testing unit of KAPG100, with belt
  • Head set set for KAPG 100
  • Soft bag for KAPG 100
  • Test cord for KAPG
  • Testing unit for KAPG 100
  • User manual for KAPG 100


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