PTS 93-09 Check and test set

Product information

The PTS 93 has been developed to check, test and identify quickly and savely cables and wires in analog and digital telecommunications networks.

The use of the PTS 93 in data and signal networks also has advantages. It can be used in 110/230/380 Vac power networks, but power has to be switched off.

In difference to former types of PTS 93, the PTS 93-09 has an optical indicator for higher voltages on the test line and fuse for protecting against voltages higher than 120 V.


  • Cable and wire identification without metallic contact
  • Call line test
  • In analog and digital networks
  • Insulation test
  • Polarity check
  • Indicator for voiltage >85V and protection fuse for voltage >120V

The PTS 93-09 has an indicator LED for higher line-voltages. If the tone generator TG is connected to a line, the voltage-LED will light up at voltages >85V. Addintionally the Line LED and the ISO LED lighting up. At a voltage >120V the fuse will actuate, the Line LED and the ISO LED wil not shine anymore, only the voltage-LED shines and indicates the high voltage on the line.

The fuse protects the TG against demolition and has to be replaced. For this the TG has to be send the the manufacturer.

In order to identify wiring, the tone generator (TG) has to be attached to the corresponding wire on one end of the cable. The tone reveiver (TE) then identifies the contacted wire in the bunch of cables. Touching the insulation identifies the wire, no metallic contact is necessary but it is permitted.

Insulation resistance and the call line are tested by attaching the TG to the line. In switch position „AUS/TEST“ the Line LED indicates, whether the line is idle, if there is a connection, or if a call is arriving. The red ISO LED in switch position "ISO" measures insulation resistance: a bright led means 0 Ohm resistance, showing a bypass or continuity. This will as well be indicated acoustically. A glowing LED indicates between 1-7 kOhm and no light from the LED means more than 10 kOhm.

The TG and the central office battery are required to test polarity. The Line LED again indicates the test result.

The TG and the TE are build into shock-resistant ABS-casings and come supplied with a portable case. The appliances run with a 9V-block-battery.

Suitable accessories and spare parts

  • ASL LSA-Plus, Type 7052, universal
  • NK test cord
  • PTS case
  • TAE-RJ-adapter
  • Test tip
  • Test tip isolated, light grey
  • TE tone receiver
  • Test wire
  • TG tone generator

Technische Daten

Tone generator TG  
Frequency range 770 / 860 Hz
Alternating 6,6 Hz
Output signal 10 dBm / 600 Ohm
Impedance approx. 100 Ohm
Power consumption 17 - 80 mA
Tone receiver TE  
Signal input capacitive
Power consumption 10 mA
Speaker 0,2W / 8 Ohm
Batteries 9V-Block
Mechanical details  
Housing high impact ABS
Measurements 125mm x 60mm x 30mm
Enclosure IP 44
Weight 75g / 85g


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