KMB Cable jig for telecommunication and power cables

Product information

The cable jig is designed for jointing cables with a diameter up to 100 mm.


  • Various adjustability in height and width
  • Demountable for easy transport
  • Easy handling
  • Surface coated against corrosion

The cable jig KMB essentially facilitates cable installations.

Because the cable jig is adjustable it can even be adapted to unfavourable situations like working in soldering holes, manholes or other places. All the holding devices for the cable ends may be adjusted in different directions.

The cable jig is protected against corrosion by a surface coating.

Suitable accessories and spare parts

  • KMB base tube
  • KMB Clamp for fixture devices
  • KMB connecting tube (telescopic)
  • KMB Cross clamp piece
  • KMB holding fixture

Delivery contents

  • 1 telescopic connecting tube
  • 2 base tubes
  • 2 crossing over clamps
  • 3 clamps
  • 3 fixture devices


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