SVL Shield continuity wire

Shield continuity wires are used to connect the cable shields of telecommunication and signal cables. SVL are parts of our heat-skrinkable closure systems, but are although deliverable seperatly in many different versions.


  • Safe bonding of the cable sheath by contact teeth
  • High tensile strength by machine crimping
  • Low contact resistance

The standard wire has a conductor crosscut of 2.5 mm ² and contents one clip at each ends.

On request we also manufacture shield continuity wires with other types of clips or wire-end sleeves, e.g. for shield connections in cable distribution racks.


SVL/SVAK Brochure (125.1 KiB)

Online order
SVL 120mm/15112101120 mm110050,00 €
SVL 230mm/25112103230 mm2100100,00 €
SVL 300mm/25112104300 mm2100103,00 €
SVL 430mm/25112109430 mm2100110,00 €
SVAK Schirmverbindungsabzweigklemme5112192--10034,00 €