NK test cord

With the test cord NK bondings are made at paper and plastic insulated conductors with diameters from 0.35 to 1.4 mm for checking and measuring purposes. The NK may also be applied as a bridging cord.

For the us with the PTS 93-09 you would allways need 2 pieces of NK.


  • No stripping of the conductors
  • Gentle contacting of the conductors
  • Vibration-proof connection
  • Reliable and easy handling
  • No alteration of mesured values
  • Constant properties for a long period of use

The test cord NK can be used at paper and plastic insulated wires with a conductor diameter from 0.35 to 1.4 mm.

For measuring purpoese the NK is clamped onto the conductor to test and connected to the respective testing or measuring devices, e.g. PTS or KAPG. The fine gold tip penetrates the insulation and makes the contact with the conductor. The measuring values do nor change during this procedure.

After taking off the NK the insulation closes the hole self-healing.

By means of a customary plug coupling two test cords can be connected with each other so that the test cord can be used as bridging cord for switching without interruption. (see the following sketch)



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